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Aquaread® Ltd is an award winning British manufacturer of multiparameter water quality test equipment which is primarily designed for use in the field.

Water Quality Testing Applications

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Aquaread's Key Products

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Our Products

Aquaread® produce a wide range of precise, scientific water testing equipment that is designed for intuitive operation. We specialise in multiparameter water testing and are launching a brand new product, the LeveLine® level and temperature data-logging device. Our water testing probes are suitable for testing groundwater, surface water and waste water. They are made from rugged materials to withstand harsh environmental conditions.

The nature of the multiparameter device means that you can save time by not needing to use various different devices to measure each parameter. The probes also take measurements in-situ so there is no need to take water samples back to the lab for testing. Aquaread's® water testing meters allow quick and easy measurement of a full range of parameters with little hassle. We make a range of electrodes to be used with the probes. These electrodes use the latest technology to accurately measure each parameter. For more information about water testing parameters click here.

We have also designed and produced the GPS Aquameter® that facilitates Aquaprobe® calibration and allows you to both view and record your data sets including their precise GPS coordinates. For unmanned water monitoring the AquaLogger has enough memory to capture up to 32,000 full data sets and battery life is in the range of 6 - 12 months, depending on the measurement frequency. The AquaLogger is designed for use in the field and has a built in air pressure sensor to automatically compensate various recordings for barometric pressure.


There are many reasons why you might want to test or monitor the quality of groundwater. For example, you might wish to undertake groundwater modelling for a particular area to understand aquifer hydraulics. Parameters such as rhodamine are used to understand the movement of water underground. Groundwater quality testing would also be used to examine the effects, if any, of human activities. Leachate from landfill can find its way into groundwater, as can fertilisers from agriculture. Monitoring groundwater quality can identify the existence of a pollutant in order to mitigate any possible harmful effects.

The slimline design of the probes mean that they can fit into the smallest boreholes. The AP-2000 is less than 2" in diameter. Combined with an AquaLogger that collects the data from the Aquaprobe® you can leave the devices in-situ for months on end. With groundwater testing it's common to pump water up into flow cells and then take readings from the water in the cell. We produce our flow cells from highly durable marine grade aluminium. For more information on groundwater testing click here.

Surface Water

We have a wide range of water testing equipment that is used to record trends across different water quality parameters in water bodies such as streams, lakes and rivers, as well as in seawater. Understanding these trends means that when there is a change it could be an early warning that there is a pollutant in the water or there has been a change in the aquatic ecosystem. Early detection is necessary to put mitigating measures in place.

Our parameters are wide ranging, although the most commonly measured in surface water testing are dissolved oxygen, pH, electrical conductivity and temperature, which are standard on most Aquaprobes®. If you require specific parameters to be tested, there is the option to add additional parameters.

For the ultimate in portable multiparameter water quality testing, look no further than our AP-2000, which measures all the essential parameters in a handheld device. The AP-2000 can be used in conjunction with our GPS Aquameter® that records the exact location of each data set so that once back in the lab you can view all your locations on Google Maps. If you need to measure a larger number of parameters, the AP-5000 offers four auxiliary ports, two more than the AP-2000, and also measures depth. The AP-5000 is still portable and has many applications with a diameter of only 55mm.

Fixed monitoring
Both the AP-2000 and AP-5000 are suitable for short to medium term unmanned monitoring. The probes are connected to our AquaLogger, which has the capacity to capture data to months on end. If you require long term water quality monitoring, the AP-7000 is specifically designed for this: it even cleans itself. The AP-7000 is used with the larger capacity AquaLogger-7000 and with a telemetry system that sends the data directly to your desk.

For more information on surface water testing, click here.

Waste Water Testing

There is strict regulation surrounding waste water discharge so it's very important to test water quality in waste water environments. Aquatic ecosystems are sensitive to even small changes in the chemical make up of the water, temperature, etc. Water parameter testing before discharge allows any pollutants to be detected and prevented from entering the watercourse. Real time testing allows quick action and minimises the risk of any potential fines that might be imposed by regulatory bodies should there be any regulatory violations. The rugged AP-2000 protects the electrodes during deployment and allows all the essential parameters to be tested while it's portable design means that the device can be easily carried between locations. You can also save money on site visits by using telemetry.

The AP-7000 self-cleaning probe can be hooked up to a telemetry device that uploads all the data online so that it can be accessed wherever and whenever you need it. If you'd like to learn more about waste water testing, click here.

This is just a short introduction to Aquaread®'s products. For more information please explore our website further and if you wish to get in touch please use our contact form. We'd love to hear from you.

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